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Fall / Winter FAQs

1. Am I a mature student?

A mature student is one who, as of September 1 of the current school year is:

  • 19 years of age or older, OR
  • The holder of a previously awarded high school diploma from the province of Alberta or an equivalent high school diploma from a jurisdiction acceptable to the Minister of Education

See Mature Student Status for more information.

2. I am a mature student and want to write a diploma exam. How will my mark be calculated?

For students with Mature Student Status, the final mark is determined by either the blended mark (school-awarded mark plus Grade 12 Provincial Diploma Exam mark) or the Provincial Diploma Exam mark only, which ever is the highest mark.

3. I am currently attending high school, can I still register for a course at Chinook Learning Services?

No. Students may not be registered in two different high schools at the same time except in exceptional circumstances (to be determined by an advisor).

4. I’m under 20 years of age and not currently attending high school but would like to register at Chinook Learning Services. What do I need to do first?

If you were under 20 years of age as of September 1, of the current school year, you are required to meet with an advisor at the beginning of your registration appointment to discuss your program. Call 403-777-7200 for more information.

5. I want to rewrite a diploma exam. What do I do?

See Diploma Exams for more information.

6. How can I obtain my high school records?

  • If you have completed high school courses in Alberta, a detailed academic report can be requested electronically through (Alberta Education).
  • If you attended high school in another province, please contact that province to obtain your high school records.
  • Chinook Learning Services does not provide printed report cards. Students and parents have the ability to access information about achievement and final grades through MyCBE / PowerSchool.

7. I have my out-of-province high school records and would like to take courses at Chinook Learning Services. How do I know which courses to take in Alberta?

An advisor will assist you with the appropriate course placement. Please call 403-777-7200. Please bring a copy of your high school records to your appointment.

8. I am 20 years of age (or older) and need to complete my high school program. Do I need to discuss my course choices with anyone?

Make an appointment to discuss your choices with an advisor to make sure you are appropriately placed. Onsite English and Mathematics assessments are available. They may be used to determine your placement in a course. Please call 403-777-7200 for more information.

9. I need a high school diploma. Are there alternatives?


  • Regular High School Diploma OR
  • High School Equivalency Diploma

Please refer to Alberta High School Diploma Requirements for a list of specific courses that must be completed.

10. I am thinking about attending a post-secondary institution. How do I find out what I need for admission to my program?

Entrance requirements vary with each institution. Contact the institution of your choice for up-to-date information regarding prerequisite courses and entrance averages. See Universities & Colleges Links for lists of Alberta, Canadian and International URLs.

11. How do I send my final marks to my post-secondary Institution?

Post-secondary institutions in Alberta automatically access your final grades through Apply Alberta (external). If you are applying to an out-of-province institution, you must complete an official Transcript Request online through (Alberta Education).