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Post-Secondary Application Process

application processBecome a post-secondary student by following this step-by-step process.

Step 1

Apply for “Undergraduate” Admission
Applications are made through Apply Alberta.

Step 2

Apply for Entrance Awards/Residence
Although most entrance scholarships are based on academic standing, there are many scholarships that are based on other criteria.

Step 3

Arrange to Have Your Final Transcripts Sent to the Institute
These course marks are accumulated from all the Alberta schools you have attended, including Chinook Learning Services.

Step 4

Check Your Email Account for Your Application Status
Make sure you check your University account using your assigned ID# regularly to ensure you do not have any outstanding tasks to complete.

Step 5

Apply for government student loans. Student loan applications for September classes are not available until May, see Post-Secondary Financial Aid for more information.

Additional Information

Mature Student Status

Applicants who are 21 years of age or older can gain acceptance into most post-secondary programs without presenting a high school diploma. However, you will still need to present the mandatory prerequisites and grades for your faculty of choice. Learn more about Mature Student Status.

Transfer Students

If you have previously enrolled in and/or received credit in a post secondary course at any accredited institute, you are considered a “transfer student”. Transfer students may have different dates for final transcripts to be submitted. For example, the U of C has a June 30th deadline for all final marks if you are a transfer student. Therefore, courses taken during the Winter semester (February - June) at Chinook Learning Services are not calculated in your final grade point average at the U of C.