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English Pronunciation Mastery


Online Fee: $499

English Pronunciation MasteryAre your English skills holding you back from advancing in your career or getting a job? Do you have to repeat yourself to be understood? This highly interactive online course aims to teach you clear and confident English pronunciation, word stress, sentence flow and intonation in the privacy of your home or office. This program is customized for different languages and will enhance communication clarity while respecting linguistic diversity. Learn to speak more clearly and confidently to give presentations, be persuasive in meetings, be a great public speaker, and be successful in interviews.

This course includes:

  • Proper pronunciation of North American consonant sounds
  • Clear pronunciation of North American vowel sounds
  • Mastering rhythm, flow and intonation
  • Instructional videos for every lesson and exercise
  • Audio, video and text for each lesson
  • A downloadable, 12- week, day-to-day and step-by-step guide customized for your native language
  • Methods for measuring your progress after each lesson
  • Weekly tips and reminders
  • Convenient access anytime and anywhere
  • Self-driven progression and less anxiety
  • A Certificate of Completion

This program has been developed by Bonnie Gross, an award winning Speech Pathologist with over 25 years of experience.

Take this online workshop to improve your pronunciation and build your self-confidence. Learn about your specific difficulties with pronunciation so that realistic individual goals can be set for you.

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