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OACP - Recommended Options


OACP - Recommended OptionsThe CBE Office Administration Program also provides students with an additional number of recommended courses to supplement a student's understanding and knowledge in advanced management and business techniques to increase interpersonal skills and leadership abilities. The completion of these courses are not mandatory, however, upon successfully completing these courses you will enhance your learning experience and success in completing the mandatory components of CBE Office Administration Program.

Optional Courses

General Information About OACP Levels

Each level is comprised of courses to support your career pathway as an office administrative professional at the Calgary Board of Education. An additional number of recommended courses have also been identified to supplement your understanding and knowledge and enhance your learning experience and success.

Students are able to register in and complete courses in any of the levels, assuming that prerequisites are met. However, a certificate of completion for a level will not be granted until a student has completed all required courses identified for that level and have been successfully awarded the previous level.