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Microsoft Excel Essentials


Microsoft Excel EssentialsFast-Track Certificate

Creating spreadsheets that can be used for almost anything has become one of the most critical skills in the workplace. This Fast-Track Certificate will take you through the practice of building a strong foundation in the basics and then, through the use of demonstration and extensive hands-on practice, progress to advanced level skills such as applying conditional formatting, creating a PivotTable, using Timelines and Slicers, using Lookup Functions, creating Sparklines, Mapping Data and using scenarios to determine potential outcomes. Eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG).

The program must be completed within one (1) year of initial registration. Extensions will be considered; requests for extension must be submitted in writing to


Pay the $25 Microsoft Excel Essentials Certificate Registration fee to maintain and track your progress. All course fees are specified individually. Please refer to each course. Course challenges and equivalencies are not accepted for Fast-Track Certificates.


You are required to complete all in-class assessments and issued assignments. You may be required to complete an assessment outside of class time.

Registration Options

Classes have limited space and can fill up if you delay. If a class is full, you may add your name to the waiting list. Waitlisted students will be notified of any vacancies. Classes may be added based on demand.