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The Courage to Risk


Fee: $189

The True Cost of Playing It Safe in Business
The best leaders understand that success in today`s ever-changing, fast-paced workplace depends on taking risks. Research shows our workplace challenges can be more effectively addressed by taking measured risks. The ability to risk enables you to introduce new ideas to key players in your workplace, implement effective changes when you need to, and reach for new opportunities when they arise. Whether you want to improve systems and performance, enhance productivity, or make good decisions at work, risk-taking is essential. But risk-taking requires courage. By practicing the strategies offered in this interactive course, you will build confidence, be more comfortable with risk, and most important, develop the skills to recognize and take measured risks. See Course Outline.

  • This course is designed for managers, leaders, front line personnel and entrepreneurs.
  • This course is also helpful for onsite team development.


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