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Bookkeeping Principles & QuickBooks Certificate of Recognition


Canada-Alberta Job GrantMany positions in today’s workplace require working knowledge of accounting principles and financial statements. Learning the basics will improve your marketability and chances of career advancement. This flexible program is designed to have you learn the theory and acquire the practical skills associated with daily bookkeeping transactions and accounting practice. This sets you apart from other job applicants and provides the foundation needed to launch you into a new field of study or make you and your existing business more manageable and successful.

In order to receive the Certificate of Recognition, completion of a hands on, take home project, also known as the Practicum, is required. The Practicum includes applying theory and principles to an assigned scenario using both manual and technical applications. With instructor guidance and feedback, you will have the opportunity to complete the books and financial statements with 100% accuracy. Attend any of the Practicum Tutorial Sessions for assistance or complete it on your own. The Practicum will help you build your confidence and understanding, and provide evidence that you have gained the necessary knowledge and skills and can apply them appropriately. Estimated time to complete the Practicum is approximately 35 hours, which is equivalent to a typical work week. The program must be completed within one (1) year of initial registration. Extensions will be considered; requests for extension must be submitted in writing to

You are required to complete the principles and applications courses as listed below:

Bookkeeping Principles

The following courses are required:

Or, Bookkeeping Boot Camp (which bundles the above three courses for a discounted rate).

The following course is optional:

QuickBooks Application

Practicum Tutorials

All Bookkeeping Principles & Applications Practicum Tutorial Sessions are optional.


Pay the $329 Bookkeeping Principles & QuickBooks Certificate Registration & Practicum fee to maintain and track your progress in the Bookkeeping Principles & QuickBooks Certificate of Recognition. This fee also includes the Certificate Practicum registration fee. CBE Office Administration Certificate Program (OACP) registrants receive a $50 discount. All course fees are specified individually. Please refer to each course. If you are qualified to challenge any portion of this Certificate of Recognition, please direct your inquiries to

The Certificate Practicum registration fee entitles the participant to receive the Practicum assignment which is distributed at class. It also entitles the participant to attend optional Practicum Tutorial Sessions. Pre-registration in these sessions is required.