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Testimonials from OACP Graduates


Program Review #1

The OACP program has been of great benefit to my career and life! Through this program I have refined my organizational skills, particularly with respect to time management. Even my stress level has been reduced! It has improved my work through better use of technology using Microsoft Office Suite to update and advance my computer skills. I’ve learned how to enhance my professional image and communication skills through effective communication in person and telephone etiquette with anyone I encounter over the phone. It has helped me learn the methods, techniques and processes needed to achieve positive outcomes in a variety of situations.

I’ve received training and support from experienced instructors and experts to successfully meet my toughest challenges. My overall satisfaction with OACP has revitalized my employment value and everyday life.

Chinook Learning Services is an excellent place for anyone to find tools, strategies, techniques and ideas that hone professional capabilities for successful employment as an Administrative Office Professional.
I would like to thank the OACP team for doing such a great job putting the courses together and finding suitable instructors.

Connie M., Education Assistant (on call)
Calgary Catholic School Board.

Program Review #2

I am so happy to have completed the OACP. It has been a beneficial experience in so many ways. Along with the obvious practical skills I have gained, I also feel that the program has helped me to develop personally and learn more about myself. I now feel more confident in my position as Administrative Secretary with the CBE and I am better equipped to interact with people in all areas of my life. I had the most fun in the Speaking with Confidence course and I will look back fondly on the sense of camaraderie it fostered in the group. I also took my OACP a step further and completed my Office Administration certificate at Bow Valley College. I was able to transfer my credits and do the program online at my convenience. It was a great provision! Thank you so much.

Alina Norgaard, Administrative Secretary E
Emily Follensbee School, CBE

Program Review #3

After being out of school for several years, I would have never thought I could adapt and embrace yet another 5 years of schooling. Wow, was I ever surprised! The OACP was an amazing and exciting adventure from start to finish. Besides the knowledge and skills I obtained, personal growth is by far my greatest experience. I’m very pleased with my writing progress and also how my confidence developed over time, especially in public speaking. The convenient evening and weekend sessions worked well as I was a school Secretary for the CBE during the day. Prior to taking the OACP, I had completed a bookkeeping course with Academy of Learning. Chinook Learning Services recognized my achievement and I was given full credit. The instructors were professional and provided interactive activities to help enforce positive learning. In the past year, I have been fortunate to advance to an Administrative Secretary E position and now work downtown at the Education Centre. I look forward to furthering my education by taking additional courses Chinook Learning Services has to offer. Thank you again for this great learning opportunity.

Shauna Pittman, Administrative Secretary E Service Unit
Office of the Chief Superintendent, CBE Education Centre

Program Review #4

The Office Administrative Certificate Program (OACP) is an excellent program. When I began the program, I was ready for a change. I had been working with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) as an Education Assistant for many years and because I’m a mom, those skills came natural to me. I wanted to stay with the CBE and move into office work, but did not have the right credentials. Completing the OACP has given me marketable skills and a new level of confidence in my abilities.

Diane Unger, Administrative Secretary E
Buchanan School, CBE

Program Review #5

Completing the Office Administration Certificate Program (OACP) was a very rewarding experience. The program ensured that I became equipped with the necessary and most realistic tools to be an effective team member in an office environment. The flexibility of the courses offered enabled me to fit them into my lifestyle; whether my preference was daytime, weekend or evening. Even at a leisurely pace, the program was easily completed in a short time.

Even though there have been many changes in my professional growth and direction since completing the certificate, the OACP was an important building block that supported my decisions along the way.

Julie Williams, Proposal Manager
HSE Integrated Ltd.