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OACP Course Challenge Process & Advance Credit Policy


Please Note

Prior to submitting a Course Challenge or Advance Credit request, you are required to have completed the 2-step, OACP Registration Process.

Course Challenge ProcessCourse Challenge Process

This option is for participants who feel they have the relevant skills and knowledge for any of the courses in the CBE OACP Certificate Program and want to challenge the course by writing the assessment or completing the assignment.

The first course challenge is free. All subsequent challenges will be levied an appropriate fee. All challenges must be requested and submitted in written format directly to Franca Best at The submission must include a covering letter/email indicating which OACP courses the participant is challenging. Applicants must be registered in the OACP.

Upon submission, you will receive a reply email with further details that may request additional information required to demonstrate competency in the course(s).

The challenge process does not include the following courses:

  • Records Management Theory
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviours
  • Speaking with Confidence

Individuals who have completed an equivalent course in the last 5 years can apply for equivalency for these courses.

Level Challenge Process

If the applicant wishes to challenge an entire level within the certificate, the applicant must again submit a covering letter/email and supporting documentation to to Franca Best at as per the Course Challenge Process. Applicants must be registered in the OACP. The fees for challenging an entire level are as follows:

  • Level 1 | $100
  • Level 2 | $125
  • Level 3 | $150
  • Level 4 | $175
  • Level 5 | $200

The above fees include all assessment fees.

Please Note: All of the above challenges will be approved and evaluated individually. We will endeavour to work with individuals who have taken courses in the past and feel they meet the requirements. It is our intention to encourage professional development and we will make every effort to find a successful pathway for each learner.

Advance Credit Policy (Equivalency)

This option is for the participant who has taken a similar course at a recognized institution for one or up to three(3) of the core courses. A copy of all supporting documentation must be attached to the request submitted to Franca Best at This may include copies of certificates, official transcripts, course outlines, sample assignments, etc. No processing fee will be levied for this option.