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Writing Skills for Business

Course Review #1

At first, I thought the course would be dry, and focused more on how to write long letters with difficult wording. However, it was the opposite. The course was interesting and taught me a lot about proper business writing.

Course Review #2

This course is not just for business. The skills and tools that are provided will help you learn why and how communication matters. So much time is saved.

Course Review #3

This was a very useful course that will help me to communicate effectively. I found that some parts of the course reinforced things that I was already doing but did not really know why, and some parts of the course were new to me.

Course Review #4

I highly recommend the Continuing Education program at Chinook Learning Services. The program offered was excellent and cost reasonable. I felt very confident in my writing after taking this course. Overall, the schedule for the course and the location (Lord Shaughnessy High School) was great. It was easy to park and was a very calm, quiet environment. You meet and connect with professionals. Everyone shares experience and knowledge. Also, the teacher was very knowledgeable and available to the students. You won’t regret taking a course with Chinook Learning Services. This is my first time and I am very satisfied.

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