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Windows Basics & File Management

Course Review #1

Great little course chalk-full of information for newbies and those who need to brush up on Windows 10. Had a lot of fun.

Course Review #2

Many gaps in my understanding were filled. The instructor gave us the tools to navigate the program with confidence.

Course Review #3

If you are looking to gain confidence and develop basic skills, this course is great. It is like finding your balance on a bike. It prepares you to move forward.

Course Review #4

I'm so impressed that the instructors never give the impression that they're irritated or bored by our simple questions. Some of the students are obviously beginners in the area of computers and our instructors always made lots of time to walk them through the steps if they were having trouble.

Course Review #5

The course was very informative and clear. I really appreciated the instructor's knowledge and experience with the tech and software as well as the additional material to take home and refer to when needed. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

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