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Time & Task Management

Course Review #1

Drew Price is a life coach. I just want to sit in class and listen to him for days. His amazing teaching method and the realistic knowledge are so wonderful. It feels like I got a learning opportunity for life.

Course Review #2

Time & Task Management is a "must have" course for anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness in just about any setting. Through wonderful storytelling, clever demonstrations, and discussion, Drew Price teaches proven strategies in an engaging and fun learning environment. Laugh and learn!

Course Review #3

Drew Price is not only knowledgeable about Time & Task Management, he walks the talk! His class was not only informative, but very entertaining. He made all of us feel comfortable and laugh with stories and anecdotes. I would take any classes he teaches.

Course Review #4

Mr. Price is very good at what he teaches to his students. He provides the class an in depth look at everyday occurrences that relate to the course. It helps to give the students tools to cope within the real world and a company.

Course Review #5

At the very beginning, Drew asked all classmates what we would like to get out of the course and focus on for the day and he made sure we were putting our focus in the right areas.

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