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Telephone Etiquette

Course Review#1

It was wonderful. I will admit I kind of thought telephone etiquette was going to be a little silly BUT she really made it great. I learned a ton and the way she did it (recording your voice) was a good idea!

Course Review#2

We did some great role playing, which really brought out the practical side of what was being taught. Get to do it first hand before trying it at work.

Course Review#3

The telephone etiquette course I took was very valuable. It showed me that some of the things I have been saying (and doing) while on the phone were not the best and I look forward taking the information I learned and putting it to good use.

Course Review#4

While the course was only 3 hours, I learned so much that I can work productively and use different ways of dealing with people. Thank you so much, Ms. Meadow, for all the help and informative tools that I am now using.

Course Review#5

I thoroughly enjoyed this class as it was very informative and the course material was concise and clear. Heather Meadows is an excellent instructor. Her explanation and in-class activities has given me a better understanding of how to receive and make calls and above all how to deal with all sorts of callers.

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