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Taxation Basics

Course Review #1

Pace is intense at times. Be sure participants know a general knowledge of bookkeeping is valuable before attending.

Course Review #2

Even though I may not personally do any of the actual adjustments myself ever again, I'm now aware of the implications the bookkeeping entries will have on the financial statements and I feel I'll be better prepared when handing the financials off to the accountant.

Course Review #3

This course provides you with additional knowledge as to what to consider from a tax standpoint as a Bookkeeper. It also provides you with insight about when you should seek additional information or experience. The instructor’s knowledge of the tax world made the difference.

Course Review #4

Doug is a great instructor. He spent time making sure we understood the material. It's great to have the same instructor for the bookkeeping certificate program as then the style is the same.

Course Review #5

I found Doug to be an engaging instructor who knows his material well. Personal experience stories and business examples during discussions were helpful and entertaining.

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