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Stocks, Bonds & Your Portfolio - Investing in Today’s Economy

Course Review #1

Having very little previous knowledge of or exposure to the stock market, this course provided me with a foundational understanding of my portfolio and has given me the confidence to ask more questions of banks, brokers, and money managers.

Course Review #2

Michael is a proven wealth management professional. He delivers the course in real world terms and uses facts not scenarios. I expect a professional handling wealth for me to be able to clearly present the big picture in terms a person can understand. His delivery promotes confidence.

Course Review #3

The course material was very well thought out. Focused on today's economy and the hows and whys of the market and what to pay attention to in the news and company profiles.

Course Review #4

Mike was enthusiastic, knows his trade and made it easy for us to understand what we should be looking for in the weekly financial news. Being a retired couple looking for answers on investing in a safe manner and understanding what is out there, this was an excellent starter course for us. We are at the stage where we need to understand the investment market and after having been drawn in by numerous financial sales pitches over the years, Mike helped us to understand the market and the pitfalls of what is offered.

Course Review #5

The course materials were easy to follow and will be a great source of reference material for the future. Mike was excellent at helping me to understand all the material provided. He helped me to understand my financial portfolio, enabled me to read the financial statements and to be able go forward without having the wool pulled over my eyes by a financial sales pitch from either a TV or radio ad or some salesman in an expensive suit.

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