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Spanish for Parents - Level 1

Course Review #1

Open learning environment. Instructor was encouraging to try new things. No pressure.

Course Review #2

I thought that the instructor was excellent. I am not particularly courageous when it comes to learning languages, but I found that it was very easy to give Spanish a go in this class.

Course Review #3

I would highly recommend the Spanish for Parents - Level 1 program. The instructor was awesome; so enthusiastic and engaging. I enjoyed my time in class much more than I expected. Neither my husband nor I speak Spanish so our biggest concern with putting our daughter into the Spanish bilingual program was that we wouldn't be able to assist with homework. I've learned enough of the same material as my daughter to be able to help with homework and practice in Spanish. That is a wonderful feeling! I can't wait to take the next course.

Course Review #4

Great class; useful approach; liked the focus on conversational Spanish vs. starting with grammar; like the course materials - found time useful & will continue to use them.

Course Review #5

Our instructor went above and beyond expectations, even bringing in things from home, to enhance our interest and comprehension.

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