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Small Business - Get Started

Course Review #1

John Breeze is a great instructor. He is warm, encouraging and highly knowledgeable. He gave an excellent overview of small business and was able to answer very specific questions. He went above and beyond expectations by offering each student individualized information and/or a referral to a local expert in their area of interest. I highly recommend this informative course.

Course Review #2

Really enjoyed John as the instructor. He was able to get us to dig deep as to why we wanted to pursue a small business and understand each of the factors required for operating a small business.

Course Review #3

This course gave me a greater understanding of the next steps in getting my business started. The instructor was excellent and committed to ensuring each student learned more about what they were looking for.

Course Review #4

I liked learning about the challenges others were facing and how they planned to overcome them. Also, it is a relief to know others share the same fears.

Course Review #5

This was a very informative class. I loved the guest speakers and I left the class with a much better understanding of things to think about when starting up a business. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in being your own boss and getting full credit for all your hard work.


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