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Retirement - Successful Strategies

Course Review #1

I'm glad to have the binder full of materials. They are well laid out and will be easy to reference in the future.

Course Review #2

Most of the people in the course were older than I expected - at least in their 50s and quite a few in their 60s. To me, that is too old to hear the messages that Jim had. I would put something in the promo materials like: "40 is not too young and 70 is not too old to start." "Don't know who to trust? Come and learn how to tell." "3 nights learning for a lot of years of living."

Course Review #3

The course covered a great deal of information in the allotted time and was very relevant. The instructor provided interesting examples from his experiences, which were insightful and helpful in understanding various aspects of retirement planning.

Course Review #4

The course was very well organized. It was a good eye opener that provided a dose of reality. The presenter gave practical and relatable examples to enhance the various topics. We learned a lot and i appreciated the simplified layout of the binder which will be useful in the future.

Course Review #5

After being given all the information about successful retirement planning, I felt motivated to immediately implement strategies and dispel some of the fears I have surrounding my financial situation in retirement. It is valuable to have the follow up personal consultation to review my portfolio. I feel more empowered and less fearful.

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