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Retention & Disposition

Course Review #1

I learned so much from Barbara and I was actually able to apply some of the knowledge right away on a disposition review document. Great resource. I am glad that the course is available. Looking forward to the other courses and completing the program.

Course Review #2

Very dynamic class! Lots of real life situations that helped me to better understand the concepts. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The reviews and summaries at the beginning and at the end of each class are great practice.

Course Review #3

Barbara involves the class by assigning homework that makes us think about the prior week’s lesson and then being able to share it at the next class! She promotes discussion with all class participants and provides "layman terms" examples to explain the legalese topics! Very accommodating with all questions and ensures issues are resolved with clear and concise data.

Course Review #4

I am continuously amazed at how valuable and rewarding learning is when performed by an instructor that is also a professional within the field of study. I found this rewarding and the class topics could extend into specific areas, and questions were always answered with detail and relevance.

Course Review #5

Barb's extensive knowledge and expertise made this course a valuable addition to the pursuit of records management certification. She also has a lovely and engaging way with participants.

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