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Records Management Theory

Course Review #1

A course well worth taking! Michele Labbe is a wealth spring of knowledge in this field and is exceptional at answering questions and providing real life examples.

Course Review #2

I sure enjoyed this program and would highly recommend this program to others. I thought I knew everything there was to records and information management as I have many years of experience but learned a lot more.

Course Review #3

Detailed and accurate in presentation of material. The instructor was very good at understanding what types of records and information are used and gave thoughtful examples to illustrate points of interest. She knows her material and enjoys teaching it.

Course Review #4

I enjoyed the pace and the length of this course. The instructor was willing to listen and engage with the comments from the students.

Course Review #5

Michelle strongly emphasizes the importance of quality records management and makes the subject (which could be quite dry) interesting.

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