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QuickBooks® - Level 2

Course Review #1

This course provided a very complete overview of Quickbooks. The instructor’s comprehensive knowledge of both the product and various types of businesses that use it made the learning greater than expected.

Course Review #2

The course content, school facility and instructor were all very good!

Course Review #3

Excellent course with a fabulous instructor! I wish I had been able to take this course years ago so I could have maximized my use of Quickbooks.

Course Review #4

Excellent instructor. The instructor had great examples about what can go wrong when you make mistakes with Quickbooks. Provided a lot of meaningful information.

Course Review #5

The instructor is a fantastic teacher and I would not hesitate to attend or recommend a friend attend this class in the future. The instructor was kind and patient any time a student had a question or a concern. I enjoyed the class very much.

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