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Proofreading Perfected

Course Review #1

Very knowledgeable instructor! The course was interactive and provided techniques to take with me and practice at work!

Course Review #2

Awesome course for someone who doesn't know how to proofread and needs to. Will help anyone speed up their reading capabilities when reviewing documents. Would recommend to anyone.

Course Review #3

Proofreading sounds a little dry, but in this course you will learn to see it in a whole new way! Invaluable exercises provided by a very informed teacher. My skills definitely improved!

Course Review #4

The course materials were very helpful, especially the take home exercises. I will practice these exercises every day to keep on improving my proofreading skills.

Course Review #5

Joy was one of the best instructors I've had for courses like these. It was clear she was passionate about what she was teaching and she had lots of great life stories that she could relate to the course content to make everything relatable. She had just the right amount of energy to keep us all motivated throughout the day and was overall a great teacher.

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