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PowerPoint - Level 1

Course Review #1

I hadn't used PowerPoint in 10 years. The course covered all my expectations and more! It is amazing how technology has advanced. I can be even more productive than before.

Course Review #2

I had no previous experience with Powerpoint and feel that I learned enough to make a presentation on my own.

Course Review #3

I learned a lot in this PowerPoint Level 1 course because of the way the teacher walked us through the process of using the different functions covered. I can now use PowerPoint presentations with confidence.

Course Review #4

The classes are well equipped, small enough to ask questions, move quickly but instructor keeps a close eye on you. If you are struggling she helps to catch you up. Very excited for my next course!

Course Review #5

The teacher was patient and ensured that everyone was up to speed before he would continue on to the next item. I thought he was great!

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