Chinook Learning Services - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Negotiate for Win-Win Results

Course Review #1

Excellent course on the challenging topic of negotiations, with valuable insights imparted by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. Only wish it was 3 days instead of 2 given the depth of material..

Course Review #2

David is the most enthusiastic and compassionate instructor. We didn't have one boring moment. Openness, participation, inclusion, respect, material targeted to the specific personalities and situations.

Course Review #3

An amazing instructor, showing and demonstrating so many different ways to negotiate a win-win. I am confident I can approach my negotiations with a more confident and successful attitude. At this point in time, this is one the best courses that I have taken at Chinook Learning Services.

Course Review #4

The instructor did a nice job in adapting diverse experience of students and relating it to course material.

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