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Lunch Supervision Service Certificate of Recognition

Course Review #1

This course was well designed and knowledge was communicated in an excellent manner.

Course Review #2

This course was a lot better and more educative than I imagined and I know I am better equipped and knowledgeable in dealing with not just students but my children and adults as well. I know I have a better chance now of getting into the CBE and schools in particular to show and support the school as an excellent Lunch/Noon Supervisor.

Course Review #3

Loved the instructors! Such a sense of humor and a wealth of knowledge!

Course Review #4

I was surprised by the amount of important information that was provided by the speakers. I was also impressed by the tools they provided to us. Conflict resolution is sometimes difficult for me as I am new to this and I was happy to learn some solutions.

Course Review #5

Presentation was very well organized and informative, good use of examples that we use in our work place.

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