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Library Assistant Certificate of Recognition

Course Review #1

This course covers the theoretical difference between a library and a learning commons. Be prepared to complete learning logs, do presentations, and observe a school library.

Course Review #2

While this course can’t possibly cover everything in great detail, it is an incredibly good overview into what the job of being a library assistant in a school entails. If anyone goes into the course thinking that the job is just sitting behind a desk and checking out books, this course will change that mindset in a hurry.

Course Review #3

The Library Assistant Certificate of Recognition course takes participants on a journey of personalized learning geared to understanding the shift from School Library to School Learning Commons. This course clearly outlines the role of the Library Assistant in the CBE Learning Commons environment. I would recommend to anyone interested in working in the Learning Commons as it will help you understand the philosophy of the learning commons, give you practical design ideas and provide a clear understanding of the operational role of the Library Assistant. The instructor was positive, passionate and practical! She generously shared her knowledge and experience while suggesting many resources to further our learning.

Course Review #4

This course offers comprehensive coverage of all key areas related to the Library Assistant role. By doing this course, I have a better understanding about the Alberta and CBE's learning commons policy and standards, the rationale behind the learning commons concept, and got some really valuable information about learning commons culture, setup, management, collection building, marketing and fundraising. As I am currently working in a learning commons, I feel that after each class, I can immediately put what I learned into my work. That is really great. I really love this feeling of "learning while using it."

Course Review #5

Our instructor has a wealth of knowledge to share and is open to sharing her expertise and also to augment it by bringing in other professionals to share what they know. She was supportive of all the students in the class and has a very supportive way with those people who are really starting from scratch. I very much enjoyed the hands-on activities as it was a nice break from the lecturing. The notes provided in the binder are wonderful and will be an excellent resource in any future position as a library assistant.

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