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Keyboarding / Typing

Course Review #1

Enjoyed the class very much. Ease of pace and lots of testing helped in motivation. Individual attention from instructor made us feel welcome and comfortable.

Course Review #2

It was almost Zen like. I enjoyed having all that class time to practice. The instructor allowed us the time to practice and I really appreciated having the space and time to work my way through any problem areas that I had as well as the timings to check our progress. A great, low-stress course to take to increase your word count.

Course Review #3

Excellent instructor. Very positive and enthusiastic. She really made coming to a very boring class fun!

Course Review #4

This is a very dry topic to cover and it was well done.

Course Review #5

The instructor is the first one who could teach me where home row was. I am only at 20 wpm with 0 errors but I'm sure I'll get there with practice. At least, I know where the keys are now.

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