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Excel - Level 2

Course Review #1

I was very apprehensive about taking this course as I find Excel a bit of a challenge; however, I am happy I took it through you. I found our instructor very knowledgeable, patient and very helpful.

Course Review #2

Was a quick pace that didn't leave anyone behind and was fantastic information. I am using tips and tricks I learned in my job already! Definitely would recommend to anyone who is looking to refresh their Excel skills!

Course Review #3

The instructor was very good at quickly assessing the knowledge level of the class, tailoring the teaching to our knowledge level, and providing impactful working examples. He was also exceptionally engaging, warm, relatable and a true expert. It was a pleasure to take this course through Chinook Learning, I would recommend their courses to anyone and look forward to taking future courses again myself!

Course Review #4

I loved that the instructor went above and beyond with having us do way more examples than the textbook outlined. It was a fantastic way to really internalize what we were learning, and the extra tips/tricks and shortcuts were absolutely invaluable!

Course Review #5

I enjoy taking classes at Chinook Learning. The instructors have been very intuitive to the student's needs. They slow down when needed or skim things that are repetitive. I like that there are choices between slower classes or faster paced classes depending on what people are looking for. That way the students in the classes are generally more on the same learning level. You don't feel like you are waiting too long for some to catch on or feel you are being left behind on the subject.

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