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Excel - Level 1

Course Review #1

A great course for anyone new to Excel. Excel can be very intimidating but this course helps you get familiar with the program and you realize it's actually a pretty useful program.

Course Review #2

The instructor was excellent. She took the content of the fast paced course and broke it down into manageable pieces. She was aware of each participant's different level and ensured everyone was comfortable before moving forward. I will be taking Level 2!

Course Review #3

Fantastic instruction! A comfortable setting and quality equipment. Thank you Chinook. A truly pleasant learning experience:)

Course Review #4

This course was very informative for a beginner course. I learned a lot and the instructor was an excellent teacher with lots of patience and willing to take time to answer any and all questions.

Course Review #5

If you really want to understand and be able to work with Excel the next day or next week after taking the course, I would highly recommend taking the Comfortably Paced course as you are able to retain the information learned and apply it right away.

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