Chinook Learning Services - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

English Language Learning Assistant 2

Course Review #1

I appreciated how Dayna was responsive to what our needs were in each class and adjusted her materials and teaching to meet those needs. I also found her to be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject.

Course Review #2

Taking these ELL Assistant classes opened my eyes to a very real need in the majority of our classrooms, and taught me how to better meet the needs of the students for whom English is not their first or only language. The very practical strategies and topics covered will definitely improve my interactions with the students and other staff so that I can help them receive the best education experience possible.

Course Review #3

I got an excellent understanding and appreciation of what an ELL Assistant's job entails. Our instructor was well prepared for class sessions, patient and enthusiastic and kept the interaction alive in the classroom.

Course Review #4

Excellent teacher with lots of experience, diverse and very flexible. She used strategies and methods that made the class interesting!

Course Review #5

Great course, very hands on, all material covered was very relevant.

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