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Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

Course Review #1

David was amazing with this course. He had so much information to share on this topic and was so great with answering all of our questions which were very personal and wide ranged. I'm so glad I took this course and will be recommending it to others!

Course Review #2

The take home material is great! Something to review over and over.

Course Review #3

This is a workshop that every team member and leader should be encouraged to attend, both for personal insight and for filling one's professional toolbox.

Course Review #4

This course on dealing with difficult behaviours exceeded our expectations (all my classmates agreed to it) and it is 100% applicable to any workplace and any personal life situation. I wish everybody, regardless of their line of work, would take this course. Human relationships would automatically be more understanding and cordial.

Course Review #5

The course material was exceptionally valuable, since it gave me tools to change my ways and how to change others also. This course also made me realize that if I do not change, then my environment will not change either. To better myself, I need to change and keep on changing to change others.

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