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Customer Service

Course Review #1

Very good course. Held the attention of all of the students and the day flew by. Very meaningful content.

Course Review #2

An excellent course led by an outstanding facilitator. Drew's 360 approach to customer service names all that we experience as customers and encourages us to learn best practices in our roles as customer service providers.

Course Review #3

The Customer Service course with Drew Price was wonderful. I learned many things that I did not know or fully grasp. The skills I did have in customer service will now be much more enhanced because of this course. I am so looking forward to utilizing what I have learned as well as recommending this course to others!;

Course Review #4

I liked the instructor, his way of communication, the examples with which he makes others learn, everything about the course. This course is not only going to help me in my job but also in my personal relationships.

Course Review #5

Drew is very knowledgeable on the subject of customer service and I think his style of teaching suits the subject. He was able to get through the course material quickly but not at the expense of quality. I appreciated his personal experience stories as they tied in well with his lesson plan. His power point presentation as it tied in with his workbook was well done.

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