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Critical Thinking & Effective Decision Making

Course Review #1

Clear & concise delivery of the concept. Tools to develop critical thinking and strategies to make effective decisions were shared through well planned activities. Professional development courses at Chinook Learning Services are well planned and I really enjoyed this one!

Course Review #2

This course provided me with skills needed at work to make decisions faster and effectively. The personality test was great as it is always good to understand where your strengths are and how others with different personalities help or hinder your decision making process.

Course Review #3

Janet was very engaging and found creative ways to deliver her material. There were lots of great discussions and group activities.

Course Review #4

This is a great course that will help you understand yourself and others in order to effectively communicate.

Course Review #5

I came into this course unsure of what I could learn and apply in the workplace but I have learned so much. The instructor is so personable and charismatic and I cannot wait to take a second course she is teaching. This was a great course and I can use these skills in the workplace as well as in my personal life.

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