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Bookkeeping 2 - Accounting Essentials

Course Review #1

Doug is full of knowledge and is very passionate about the subjects he is teaching. It takes a very "dry" subject to an enjoyable day of learning!

Course Review #2

The course is an extremely detailed look into what the bookkeeper needs to understand about the accountant's role in the accounting cycle.

Course Review #3

This course has prepared me to consult with my accountant in the most informed manner possible as the bookkeeper for my company. I have definitely added tools to the financial recording toolbox.

Course Review #4

Relevant (in class). Amazing for the practicum. I chose Chinook for the sole reason it had a practicum. I believe that this unique aspect of the course will greatly enhance what I remember and utilize in the course.

Course Review #5

Doug is fantastic. He is engaging (important for a topic like accounting) and very knowledgeable. I enjoy learning from him.

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