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Bookkeeping 1 - Basics

Course Review #1

Doug was an enthusiastic teacher and made the class fun. He teaches the material in a way that is methodical and helps you remember the steps and tricks to check your work. I would recommend to anyone who wants to start learning accounting.

Course Review #2

Great class! Flowed nicely. Very well explained in simple terms so it made it easier to follow along. Doug really knows his stuff, a great teacher to learn from.

Course Review #3

A very fast paced course to fast track you to bookkeeping success.

Course Review #4

Doug Reeh made the material very interesting, especially as it could have been a very dry course. His delivery was dynamic. He was very knowledgeable and included tips that weren't necessarily part of the course material. His enthusiasm for the topic contributed to making the course interesting. He walked us through the various transactions and ensured we "got" the concepts by repeating the concepts as we continued to be introduced to new material.

Course Review #5

Excellent instructor. Lots of material to cover. It was really helpful having a binder full of information. Lots of learning tools to help you succeed.

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