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Behavioural Interviewing Skills

Course Review #1

Exceptional course packed full of information with a qualified instructor that is able to guide remarkably throughout the course.

Course Review #2

I thought the length of the course was appropriate for the learning materials that were presented and also allowed time for breaks and question periods from the class. There were plenty of learning resources given out during the training, which I find very helpful in my role in HR and it was nice to bring this back to my team to discuss how we can improve our processes.

Course Review #3

I get bored easily and this course was lively, interactive and really reinforced the importance of conducting a proper interview.

Course Review #4

Ruthanne was very energetic and had relevant examples for her points. I was impressed that she was able to keep us all active and engaged for the entire day.

Course Review #5

I have found in the past that most one-day courses don't do a lot to help me as there is usually just a lot thrown at you in a short period of time just to get the information to you. This one was much better. It was laid out in a theory first manner and then followed up with the practical. I was never rushed or made to feel a question at any point in the lecture was not relevant.

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