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Windows Basics & File Management

Course Description

Whether you are new to computers or eager to enhance your skills, this course will answer your questions about the Windows operating system and help you work smarter. Emphasis is on mastering foundation skills needed to continue with future computer classes. The class combines hardware and software discussion along with hands-on exercises that familiarize participants with the basic Windows skills required to learn other Microsoft applications. A reference card rich with information pertaining to the new Windows operating system is provided. Recommended prerequisite: comfortable with computers or Computers for the Absolute Beginner.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Log on to Windows, explore its interface, and identify the different components present in the interface
  • Customize the Windows desktop
  • Manage files and folders
  • Use common tools and programs available in Windows
  • Browse the Internet

Course Content

  1. New features discussion
  2. New interface and how to manage it
  3. Features such as Snap and Tile to create custom desktop views
  4. Mastering input skills (mouse & keyboard)
  5. File Explorer (previously Windows Explorer)
  6. Changing views in File Explorer
  7. Creating folders
  8. Navigating folder structure to find information in your computer and creating shortcut links in the navigation quick access pane
  9. Managing folders and files (creating/copying/renaming/moving)
  10. Searching for information in your computer
  11. Reducing clutter on the desktop by creating shortcuts to the desktop
  12. Content selection methods (files & folders or content within a document)
  13. Basic look at a typical MS Application (MS Word) with discussion of the ribbon interface
  14. Creating a basic document and what file extensions are
  15. Opening, closing and saving files
  16. Difference between “save” and “save as”
  17. Keyboard shortcuts to improve efficiency
  18. Navigating in a typical file
  19. Brief introduction to the new Microsoft Internet Browser called Edge (previously Internet Explorer)
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