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Records Management Theory

Course Description

Explore the field of records management and the role of records management programs in organizations. Learn about recordkeeping principles for vital records programs. Develop your skills in life-cycle management for hard copy and electronic records, inventorying, indexing, classification, retention and disposition.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Define records and information management

  • Understand the phases of life cycle management

  • Define record types

  • Understand recordkeeping principles and their importance to organizations

  • Define records inventories

  • Describe the different types of classification/filing systems

  • Understand indexing/records classification and filing rules

  • Understand the importance of retention and disposition

  • Understand vital records programs

Course Content

Session I

  1. Introduction to records and information management

  2. Records and information life cycle

  3. Hard copy and electronic records

  4. Types of records

Session II

  1. Recordkeeping principles

  2. Records inventory

Session III

  1. Classification/filing systems

  2. Indexing/records classification

  3. Filing rules

Session IV

  1. Retention and disposition

  2. Vital records programs

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