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QuickBooks® - Level 1

Course Description

Overview: QuickBooks® is an accounting program designed for small to medium-sized businesses. You will learn how QuickBooks® handles billing, from invoicing to finance charges, generate estimates, collections, inventory management and payroll.

Recommended prerequisites: Bookkeeping Basics or Bookkeeping Basics for Computerized Accounting, equivalent course or equivalent experience.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Start Quickbooks®
  • Access QuickBooks® Help feature
  • Use the QuickBooks® Navigators
  • Make journal entries
  • Write cheques
  • Backup company data
  • Change company information
  • Use applicable menus, icons and options in QuickBooks®
  • Exit QuickBooks®
  • Input data using the various methods, drop-down lists Quickfill, or Quick Add
  • Create new vendors
  • Enter vendor data
  • Enter bills and payments of bills to vendors
  • Print cheques and forms related to Accounts Payable
  • Create reminders and Memorized Transactions to ensure bills are paid on time
  • Enter new items
  • Create new customers
  • Edit and delete existing customers
  • Enter customer data
  • Enter new cash and credit sales invoices for customers
  • Record payments received from customers
  • Record deposits of customer payments in order to update your bank balance
  • Print invoices, statements and related forms for customers
  • Set up the payroll module and preferences
  • Set up and modify the employee defaults
  • Edit individual employee data
  • Add a new employee
  • Set payroll preferences
  • Write payroll cheques
  • Print payroll cheques and paystubs
  • Create payroll reports
  • Remit government and other payroll liabilities
  • Find previously posted transactions
  • Use various QuickReports
  • Modify various features of QuickReports
  • Print QuickReports
  • Customize preset QuickBooks® reports
  • Memorize customized reports
  • Create daily, month-end and year-end reports
  • Use QuickZoom features to see the transactions behind report results
  • Use QuickBooks® InSight Graphs
  • Use QuickZoom to see the data connected to the graphs
  • Bank any undeposited funds
  • Pay all outstanding bills
  • Print any unprinted items
  • Use the EasyStep interview feature to set up data files for a business
  • Choose a QuickBooks® start date
  • Create modify income and expense accounts
  • Set up company list as required, including Vendors and a Chart of Accounts
  • Create entries from lists
  • Enter opening balances into QuickBooks® accounts
  • Set up the Audit Trail function
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