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Course Description

Become familiar with the capabilities and use of Adobe Photoshop tools, panels and filters. Save images in formats for print and web use. This course uses the Windows version but the skills learned are interchangeable with the Macintosh version.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify components and capabilities of Photoshop CC
  • Create basic images
  • Manage selections and layers
  • Modify and repair images, and manage colour
  • Refine images by using adjustment layers, retouch tools, filters and basic masking techniques
  • Import, export, organize, and save files

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Photoshop

  • Topic A: Explore and Understand the Photoshop Interface
  • Topic B: Change Photoshop Views
  • Topic C: Customize The Photoshop Workspace

Lesson 2: Creating Basic Images

  • Topic A: Understand Image Formats, Adjust Resolution
  • Topic B: Crop and Straighten Images, Adjust the Canvas
  • Topic C: Apply Design Principles, Elements, and Graphic Composition (Self Study Material)
  • Topic D: Work with Digital Devices (Self Study Material)

Lesson 3: Managing Selections

  • Topic A: Use Selection Tools
  • Topic B: Refine and Modify Selections
  • Topic C: Basic Selection Transformations
  • Topic D: Use Content Aware Tools

Lesson 4: Adjusting Images

  • Topic A: Apply Image Adjustments (Tone, Colour, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast)
  • Topic B: Apply Image Adjustment Effects
  • Topic C: Create, Store and Paint with Colours, Use of Different Colour Models

Lesson 5: Work with Layers

  • Topic A: Manage Layers
  • Topic B: Apply Layer Blending Modes
  • Topic C: Use Layer Styles and Effects

Lesson 6: Repair and Retouch Images

  • Topic A: Use Retouch Tools
  • Topic B: Use Adjustment Layers
  • Topic C: Use Filters for Effects, Adjustments and Retouching
  • Topic D: Basic Masking Techniques
  • Topic E: Apply Camera Raw (Self Study Material)

Lesson 7: Work With Text

  • Topic A: Use Text Tools
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