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Media Training Boot Camp

Course Description

Do you want to create newsworthy messages? Do you need to take control of your next media interview? Media training is more important now than ever before. That's because the media landscape is shifting daily - Journalists from traditional media outlets are now joined by Bloggers, Podcast hosts and "YouTubers" looking for strong content. This workshop will help public relations professionals and others learn how to create impactful messages for their organization and learn smart techniques to ensure those messages land as intended, regardless of the medium.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand impressions of today's media
  • Apply and focus on effective techniques to deliver the message
  • Streamline your preparation for the interview
  • Develop a memorable message for their target audience
  • Control communications and messaging
  • Enhance relationships with the target audience

Course Content

1. Introduction

  • Today's media landscape

2. What is Media Training and Why is it Important?

  • How media training is just one part of an overall media relations strategy
  • The importance of media training – mitigate risk to reputation/ control communications
  • The importance of defining your audience (the media is not the audience but a way to reach your audience.)

3. The Groundwork

  • The 3 P's

4. The Message

  • What is the media message?
  • Main Goals and Audience needs/values
  • What a message requires to cut through the clutter
  • Message supports

5. Delivering the Message

  • What, Where and How
  • Interview techniques
  • Looks Matter!
  • The Setting Matters
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Be Yourself!

6. Practice, Practice, Practice!

7. That's a Wrap!

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