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Ethics Management

Course Description

Managing organizational, team or even personal ethics begins with knowing how to think through a situation and come to a decision that can be trusted to be both high-integrity and effective. This course will highlight the ethical decision process - something of high practical value to participants.

From the smallest decision to the most difficult dilemmas, experience how to make good, ethical choices and develop clear reasons to support them. From your own shared values and experience and by studying positive examples and models, learn approaches to making integrity-based decisions.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify key ethical responsibilities of individual contributors and leaders
  • Understand the challenges in both individual and organizational decision-making
  • Recognize failures in ethical decision making
  • Be familiar with some of the current literature on ethical leadership
  • Discuss and defend ethical decisions
  • Recognize why other people see ethical answers differently
  • Understand the value and purpose of support functions for ethics management
  • Relate the course concepts to your own work environment

Course Content

  1. Is there a difference between ethics and values?

  2. Where do “ethical norms” come from?

  3. What are “ethical conflicts”?

  4. Terminology – transparency, accountability, stakeholders

  5. Ethical decision-making models

  6. Why doesn’t everyone see things the way I do?

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