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Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

Course Description

Do you encounter difficult behaviours at work? Colleagues, customers and students - we can all exhibit difficult behaviours at times. In this dynamic course, learn to identify and manage the difficult behaviours of others. Learn to recognize and deal with the many difficult personality types, while controlling your own emotions and fears when faced with difficult situations. Many opportunities are provided to reflect on the nature of difficult interactions, share experiences, and enhance skills for defining and defusing conflict. Includes KATO Profile Inventory.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify difficult behaviours.
  • Understand difficult clients, co-workers, social contacts or family members.
  • Develop an approach to manage difficult behaviours and, if necessary, defuse them.
  • Understand and identify personal accountability for dealing with difficult people.
  • Develop strategies to manage stress and minimize acceleration in conflict/disputes.
  • Understand verbal and non-verbal communication application.
  • Identify and distinguish between effective methods and those to avoid when dealing with difficult people.

Course Content

1. Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • Objectives

2. Identifying Difficult People/Behaviours

  • The Ten Types of Difficult People
  • Survival Strategies

3. Assertiveness

  • How to Effectively Manage a Difficult Situation
  • Owning Your Own Emotions and Reaction

5. Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • Defusing Difficult Situations

5. Personality Types

  • KATO Motivation Profile
  • KATO Communication Style
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