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Customer Service

Course Description

The most successful businesses of the day have all come to one common conclusion. No matter how well you perform all the other business functions, if you fail to take care of your customers, your business will not succeed. Great products and marketing are just the beginning of great customer relationships.  It’s what happens after, that really makes the difference. With a fiercely competitive market, it is not just owners and managers who must have strong customer service skills - your whole staff must have the training that will set your business apart when the inevitable customer problems arise. Providing great customer service is a solid business decision with lasting results.

This program will take participants through the Seven Stages of Customer Satisfaction in order to understand and excel in the customer service process and deal with the challenges that accompany this experience.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is responsible for, or who will be responsible for, dealing with customers within the work place. Also, anyone who supports those who deal with customers and finally anyone who deals on either side of the scale with internal customers including suppliers.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Make customers feel important and appreciated.
  • Repair broken relationships.
  • Reduce stress and turnover in customer service jobs.
  • Understand the art of listening and learn to develop your own skills.
  • Say "no" without antagonizing people.
  • Create customer loyalty to keep them coming back.
  • Understand and match customer communication styles.
  • Utilize questioning techniques to unveil the core of customer problems.
  • Create a company-wide atmosphere of making customers priority number one.
  • Accomplish all of the above both in person or over the telephone.

Course Content

1. How to Identify the Customer - What is the Bottom Line?

  • Reducing angry encounters with customers
  • Understanding customers' buying motives

2. How to Make that all Important First Impression

  • Building relationships and trust
  • Keeping your own attitude positive day in and day out

3. How to Identify Your Cycle of Service and How Best to Handle it

  • Knowing where the cycle of service really begins and ends and repeats itself
  • Understanding where you fit in the cycle of service
  • The critical element of follow-up

4. How to Handle it when We Drop the Ball (and We Will)

  • The importance of "recovery skills"
  • Solving internal problems

5. How to Please the Hard to Please Customer

  • Why are they so hard to please?
  • Keys to listening and its importance
  • Ten specific problems and their solutions

6. How to Prepare and Plan for Continuous Improvement

  • Gathering data from surveys
  • Develop a plan for continuous improvement

7. How to Go the Extra Mile - Breaking Down the Barriers to Success

  • Know where you are, where you need to be and have a plan to get there
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