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Contract Law for Non-Lawyers

Course Description

This two-day interactive, plain English course is designed for non-lawyers who require an understanding of the law and practice relating to contract law. Review the elements of a contract, how a contract can be breached and the remedies available. Get guidance as to what constitutes a basic contract and the clauses that are required in it. Learn what to watch for when drafting and reviewing contracts while taking into consideration corporate policy and process. Become comfortable with creating contracts, reviewing and vetting third party contracts, and approving contracts for signature. This course is ideally suited for individuals who are involved in drafting or reviewing contracts, those seeking knowledge of the formation of contracts, and those who would benefit from learning and discussing the key principles of contract law.

Course Content

  • What a contract is
  • How to prepare legally astute contracts
  • What to look for when reviewing contracts
  • Pre-contract considerations
  • Process of drafting a contract
  • How to draft clear clauses
  • Formation of a contract
  • Understanding contractual obligations
  • Termination of a contract
  • Remedies if a contract is breached
  • Enforceability of contracts
  • Identifying relevant legal, ethical, and practical issues
  • Determining when to seek legal assistance
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