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Coaching Your Business Team

Course Description

The days of cracking the whip to get results are long gone. The leaders that get results today handle their teams using methods similar to those of a world championship coach. By building relationships with team members, leaders learn how team members communicate, allowing the leader to better motivate, support, train, give feedback and reward the team.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is responsible for, or who will be responsible for leading teams within the work place whether large or small, virtual or face to face. Also, anyone who wants to save years of “trial-and-error” in order to gain enough experience to become effective. And if you are an “old hand” at it, the course will give you new ideas and fresh approaches gleaned from the instructor’s and participants’ experiences.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the definition of coaching and what coaching means in terms of imparting directions and instructions
  • Recognize the qualities of leadership that you must develop
  • Understand and utilize the value and principles used in building personal relationships
  • Recognize personality and communication styles to enhance feedback and interaction
  • Better adapt your approach to dealing with the variety of team members including friends, older more experienced members, and new or younger staff
  • Recognize and in some cases pre-empt problems in their initial phases minimizing effects
  • Recognize and choose the appropriate leadership style for people and situations
  • Delegate more effectively in conjunction with leadership styles
  • Understand and implement the thinking behind building loyal teams
  • Coach effectively both the willing and problem team members utilizing empowerment
  • Motivate and inspire team members to commit to and achieve team goals
  • Develop and communicate expectations that ensure both cooperation and results

Course Content

1. How to build an effective team - what is the bottom line?

  • Identifying the coach’s role
  • Getting people to follow you
  • Developing the qualities of a great leader

2. How to take that all important first step towards becoming a coach.

  • Building relationships and trust
  • Understanding the personality styles

3. How to identify and analyze your team's performance and how best to improve it.

  • Knowing their individual strengths and weaknesses and the significance of each
  • Understanding your specific options to maximize their performance
  • Identifying additional problems and the possibility that you might be a cause

4. How to communicate and especially listen and why this is critical

  • The importance of “two way” communication
  • Giving orders and instructions
  • The best way to approach and give feedback

5. How to work with and build rapport with team members when you have moved to being their leader.

  • Why are they so hard to please?
  • Keys to listening and its importance

6. How to prepare and plan for continuous improvement and potential problems.

  • Knowing why they don’t get the job done

7. How and when to use the 4 basic leadership styles.

  • Prepare for and use delegation

8. How to recognize and build a loyal team.

  • Coaching willing and problem players

9. How to empower people so you won’t have to micromanage.

  • Designing a basic work plan

10. How to develop a successful team strategy.

  • Involving your team is critical to this process
  • Understanding the triangle of productivity

11. How to motivate your team for performance.

  • Creating high performance expectations in the most appropriate manner
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