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Building Trust at Work

Course Description

You can't always control the level of trust in your organization as a whole, but you can act in ways that promote trust in your immediate work environment, with your work unit and co-workers. Employees who trust their colleagues are more likely to be open, honest, empathetic, collaborative, and constructive, all of which creates a healthy, enjoyable work environment. Trust is inextricably linked with feedback. Can I give you a little feedback? Those words create anxiety for many of us, and yet we all acknowledge the importance of feedback. How we give and receive feedback says a lot about the culture of an organization and how trust is maintained.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of trust in the workplace
  • Explore trust - what it is, and how it manifests
  • Analyze various models of trust and learn how to assess levels of trust
  • Develop strategies to build or rebuild trust at work.
  • Determine the connection between trust and feedback
  • Examine and practice a methodology for providing feedback – feedforward
  • Gain insight, discover and apply skills for successfully giving and receiving feedback

Course Content

Module 1

  • Define Trust
  • Explore Trust and why it is important in the Workplace
  • Share Models of Trust Develop Strategies for Building Trust

Module 2

  • Examine the relationship between Trust & Feedback

  • Understand our brains in feedback

  • Evaluate and reflect on how feedback impacts you

  • Explore a Feed Forward Concept

  • Asking for Feedback - what we need to keep in mind

Module 3

  • Explore Challenges of Feedback Conversations

  • Share Skills/Tools to meet Feedback Conversation Challenges

  • Reducing Defensiveness

  • Direct Communication

  • Experiment with Skills for effective Feedback

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