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Behavioural Interviewing Skills

Course Description

Hiring the right person the first time is not only cost effective but also ensures the right fit for an organization. Explore the differences between traditional interview techniques and behavioural interview techniques, including developing the right questions, making sure you get the full answer, keeping on schedule, and evaluating. This course also touches on the legal side of what questions cannot be asked.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand expectations in the selection process

  • Understand the value of and how to apply the Competency Model in the selection process

  • Carry out Behavioural Event Interview techniques

  • Understand dos and don’ts throughout the selection process

  • Make knowledgeable, educated hiring decisions saving time, money and energy

  • Understand and recognize cultural fit and the importance of attracting the right candidates

Course Content

  1. Defining Behavioural Event Training including features and advantages
    • Definition
    • Foundation
  2. Competency Model including identification of key behaviours and abilities
    • Understanding what a competency is
    • How competencies fit into the selection process
    • Practical application of the Competency Model and developing interview questions
  3. Organizational culture and recognized good fit
    • Defining your corporate culture
    • Importance of culture in performance
    • Human Rights protection
    • Questions NOT to ask
  4. Roles and responsibilities of hiring teams and expectations of candidates
    • Expectations of candidates in the selection process
    • Probing for depth and getting the information needed
    • How candidates respond – STAR method
  5. Practicing interviewing
    • Activity to develop interview questions
    • Role playing scenarios to practice interviewing
  6. Conclusion
    • Questions
    • Tools in Appendix
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