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Basic Computing Skills

Course Description

Put your fears aside! Come and learn how a computer works, how to operate a mouse and be introduced to the Windows operating system. With this gentle introduction to computers, you'll feel more comfortable taking other courses. Basic hardware concepts, an introduction to word processing and a taste of the Internet and email will be covered. All reference materials provided. No experience necessary.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand personal computer components
  • Use the Start menu
  • Understand standard window components
  • Use the mouse to click, double click and drag icons on the desktop
  • Open and close programs (applications)
  • Maximize, minimize, restore, size and move windows on the desktop
  • Use and select various menu options
  • Customize your mouse settings
  • Use Help feature
  • Understand computer memory and information storage
  • Understand & create folders and files
  • Understand basic keyboard functions
  • Use WordPad

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Windows

  • Topic A: Windows Explorer Environment
  • Topic B: Create Folders & Shortcuts
  • Topic C: Open Programs
  • Topic D: Create a Document in WordPad
  • Topic E: Save a file
  • Topic F: Print a Document
  • Topic G: Move/Copy/Delete Files & Folders
  • Topic H: Change Display Properties (Control Panel)
  • Topic I: Use Help
  • Topic J: Using Search

Lesson 2: Getting Started with the Internet

  • Topic A: Internet Explorer Environment (Menus, Toolbars)
  • Topic B: URLs and Entering Known Addresses
  • Topic C: Explore Several Search Engines
  • Topic D: Search the Internet
  • Topic E: Navigating Through a Website
  • Topic F: Set a Home Page
  • Topic G: Manage Favourites
  • Topic H: Use Help
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