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Aligning Marketing & Sales Strategies

Course Description

Marketing is everything you do in your business. Sales is part of marketing; not the other way around. Your sales team needs marketing to find and qualify the leads. Without sales, the marketing team is nothing more than a company's spokesperson. A successful business is one that has marketing and sales teams working together, with the understanding that both are essential for growth. Marketing should create the positioning of the brand, a corporate voice, and the overall communications messaging. While sales staff should take that content and customize it to the lead. In this brown bag lunch series, you will learn:

  • The 5 Step Profit Formula:
    1. Building the Right Foundation
    2. Effective Lead Generation
    3. The Conversion Formula
    4. More Transactions
    5. More Profits!
  • How to integrate your marketing and sales plans.
  • Which marketing and sales strategies and tactics to use to attract more prospects and convert them into paying clients.
  • Ways to increase annual revenue by $50,000 dollars or more.

Participant Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Have better customer retention rates
  • See s horter buying cycles
  • Have higher sales win ratios
  • Close sales deals easily
  • Have less wasted time

Course Content

Session 1

  • Introduction – Why Marketing and Sales Must Work Together
  • Your Marketing and Sales Goals and Objectives
  • The 5 Step Profit Formula
  • Building the Right Foundation for Your Marketing and Sales Success
  • Integrating your Marketing and Sales Strategy and Plan.
  • Q&A and Review

Session 2

  • Review Day 1 and Day 2 Introduction
  • Lead Generation Mistakes and Effective Lead Generation
  • 6 Lead Generation Strategies
  • Q&A and Review

Session 3

  • Review Day 2 and Day 3 Introduction
  • The Conversion Formula
  • How to Generate More Transactions
  • Increase Sales Close Ratios and Follow up
  • Q&A and Review

Session 4

  • Review Day 3 and Day 4 Introduction
  • Profit Acceleration Process Increasing Annual Revenues by $50000+
  • Q&A and Review of 4 Days
  • Next Steps
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